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President attends Policy Dialogue on Vietnam-US ties

Addressing a Policy Dialogue on Vietnam-US relations hosted by the Asia Society in New York on September 28, he confirmed t hat it is the common interests that became the driving force for the two nations to overcome the war legacies and differences to become comprehensive partners today.

“From the first days of negotiation on normalization, we realized and agreed that apart from major interests in our bilateral relations, our two nations share a common desire and interest in maintaining peace, stability and cooperation for development in Asia Pacific. This common understanding reflects the strategic vision of our leaders resulting in political will needed for our two countries to overcome many obstacles, both internally and externally, to become friends and comprehensive partners like we are today.”

Our shared interests keep expanding as our cooperation and friendship grow at bilateral, regional and global levels. Today, we both have interests in maintaining peace, security and prosperity in the region. This also covers safety and security of navigation and overflight, law enforcement at sea, maritime environmental protection and dispute resolution through peaceful means on the basis of international law without the use or threat of force.


US Ambassador appreciates Can Tho’s competitive edge

US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius highly valued Can Tho City’s competitive edge at a June 8 working session with the city leaders. During the meeting, Can Tho leaders introduced the city’s potential and strength, emphasising that Can Tho is the hub of the Mekong Delta region. The city leaders have paid due attention to