Vĩnh Thạnh People’s Council Closes Its 2nd Session

After 2 days, with the spirit and responsibility of working promptly and strictly, on July 29th, the 2nd session of the 11th tenure Vĩnh Thạnh district People’s Council for 2016-2021 closed.

8_VinhThanh_29072016Vĩnh Thạnh People’s Council closed its 2nd Session

One of outstanding results of this session is that it reflected all requests and issues posed by voters, focused on discussing effectively the implementation of socio economic and national defense security development missions in the first 6 months, evaluating difficulties and challenges and contributing solution to complete the missions in the last 6 months in line with resolution proposed by the People’s Council.

Ending the session, delegates voted and approved 4 resolutions on socio-economic and national defense-security development, budget balance, supplementation of budget estimation and supervising program of the district people’s council./.

Translated by Anh Vi

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