VietJet listed among world’s fastest growing airlines

Along with Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, VietJet is listed among top three fastest growing airline brands in the world by Socialbakers. 


Socialbakers is the most popular provider of social media analytic tools, statistics and metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.

Accordingly, VietJet is the first ever Vietnamese business to win the award after experiencing an incredible fanpage growth in July 2015 and set a record for content engagement by improving 7.2 times from March 01 to June 30 this year.

With a friendly and lively appearance and constantly updated information on the flights and promotional programes, VietJet’s Facebook fanpage has attracted up to one million followers.

VietJet is the first private carrier in Vietnam operating after a new generation model. It is a rising airline in Vietnam with a fleet of 26 Airbus A320 and A321 jets and conducts 165 flights a day on 33 domestic routes and international routes to Singapore, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, China and Myanmar.



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