In the morning of June 18th, the government organized the online meeting in HN to review 5 years of implementing the governmental instruction no. 1634 from 2010 to 2015 and to publicise the implementation of instruction no.47 of the party central secretariat on fire control task. Party central member, secretary of the city party committee Trần Quốc Trung, chairman of Cần Thơ city people’s committee Võ Thành Thống attended the meeting in Cần Thơ city.

Opening the congress, deputy prime minister Trương Hoà Bình underlined role of local party committee after 5 years of implementing fire control task as the spirit of the governmental instruction no.1634. Over the past 5 years, fire police force has extinguished nearly 6,500 fire cases and rescued 1,625 victims. However, some shortcomings have remained, for example, responsibility of leaders is restricted, law publicity on fire control is concentrated, traffic infrastructure for fire control and fire control facilities has many shortcomings.

Attendants also heard the government publicizing the instruction no.47 of the party central secretariat on intensifying the party leadership on fire control task and the governmental decision no.1635. As directed by the deputy prime minister, after the congress, every province, city must build its action programme in detail so as to restrict the number of fire- explosion cases year after year.

Translated by Xuân Trang

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