The most impressive images of the most beautiful meteor shower in 2015

People in many places around the world have witnessed the Perseid meteor shower and recorded absolutely impressive images.

In the evening of August 12th and at the dawn of 13th , people around the world had a chance to gaze at one of the most beautiful meteor showers in 2015 – The Perseid meteor shower with density reaching 60 – 100 streaks/hour.

The Perseid meteor shower originates from the comet Swift-Tuttle (or 109P/Swift-Tuttle) rotating around the sun with the cycle of 135 years, observed in 1862. When the Earth passes the comet Swift-Tuttle, having diameter of 27 km, a large cluster of meteorites from this comet are going to plunge into the Earth’s atmosphere. The meteor’s debris is going to rub against the air particles and burn up, creating streaks which we call “shooting stars”.

mua-sao-bang-01The Perseid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular images in the sky of Gloucestershire, U.K.

People in many places around the world have witnessed the Perseids meteor shower and recorded absolutely impressive images. If you missed this event, you could re-watch the most beautiful images of the Perseids meteor shower below:

mua-sao-bang-02The Perseids meteor shower in Villadiego, Burgos Province, North of Spain.

mua-sao-bang-03The image of a bull in Cordoba, Spain, seemingly gazing at shooting stars

mua-sao-bang-05The moment of shooting stars’ streaks brighten up in the sky above the ruins of Saint Llia Roman Cathedral, Bulgaria

mua-sao-bang-04Meteor shower in the sky of Obanos, North of Spain

mua-sao-bang-07This photo was taken in Rievaulx village, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, U.K.

mua-sao-bang-06A shooting-star streak in the sky above Mt. Smetovi, Bosnia

mua-sao-bang-08The sky of Sieversdorf, Eastern Germany

mua-sao-bang-10On the Sycamore hill, U.K.

mua-sao-bang-09And this is the image from National Recreation Center, Spring ranges, Nevada, U.S.

mua-sao-bang-12Stars and shooting-stars appear above an abandoned house near Tuzla, Bosnia.

mua-sao-bang-14The “Time Lapse” in 3 hours belongs to a famous photographer


Coastline of U.K.

mua-sao-bang-15Meteor shower in the view of an astronaut


Closing in the spectacular shooting-star streaks

mua-sao-bang-17Closing in the spectacular shooting-star streaks

And this is a video clip about Perseid meteor shower, recorded by Michaela Glimbotzki.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Translated by M.Khoa
Source:Trí Thức Trẻ

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