Meeting on the world environment day

Cantho city people’s committee, the Natural Resources and Environment department and Ninh Kieu urban district in the morning on June 5th held the meeting to respond to the World Environment day June 5th 2015 at the square of Luu Huu Phuoc park. Vice chairman of the city people’s committee Truong Quang Hoai Nam attended and delivered the opening speech.


With the subject titled “ Responsible consumption for a sustainable earth, this year’s world environment day pays attention to community concern over environmental issues, particularly encouraging economical production, consumption, use of environmentally friendly energy sources, technologies, products, limiting wastes, not declining natural resources and damaging the environment. Accordingly, practical and meaningful campaigns, programmes, models are going to be simultaneously held by localities, businesses, offices, schools, volunteer groups, residential zones and majority of people with the aim to publicise, educate, raise awareness of people on rights and obligations of protecting the environment, and ensuring living conditions for future generations.


On this occasion, 100 bicycles and flower vehicles took part in the march with the slogan of action for the living environment.

Translated by Xuan Trang

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