Marking 60th Anniversary of Economic Police Force

In the morning on August 8th, Cần Thơ city Public Security solemnly opened the ceremony on the 60th anniversary of economic policemen founding, August 10th 1956 – August 10th 2016 and the 35th founding anniversary of Bureau for Economic Policemen under Cần Thơ city Public Security.

3_EconomicPolice_08082016Marking 60th Anniversary of Economic Police Force.

Over 60-year founding with different names, economic policemen force nationwide in general and Cần Thơ city in particular strived for well completing missions on crime prevention in economic field and posts, contributed to maintaining public order and political security.

In the city, the force gained excellent achievements; qualities of crime investigation and judgment were improved.

Since 2014, they had fought and solved 71 administrative violations, with more than VND 100 billion, of which cases in provinces of Mekong Delta.

Statement at the ceremony, Colonel Trần Ngọc Hạnh – Member of the city Party Standing Committee cum Secretary of the city Public Security appraises achievements of the economic policemen force and hopes that in following time, the force will make efforts in maintaining public order and political security in the area.

3_EconomicPolice_08082016aTeams and individuals received merit certificates.

On the occasion, teams and individuals received merit certificates of the Ministry of Public Security, and the city Public Security./.

Phương Ánh – Hoàng Nghĩa

Translated by Phương Đài

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