Home Affairs Offices review the works in first 6th months

On July 12th Cần Thơ Public Security, Emulative Bloc of Home Affair Agencies of Cần Thơ city held a conference to review the works in first 6 months and propose orientations in 6 later months of 2016.

4_HomeAffair_130720168 units under the emulative bloc in first half of the year focused on promoting task of thought, political education, grasping thoroughly guidelines, policies of the Party and the State to every official, soldier, staff in the unit.

In addition, task of anti-corruption in every unit also gained good achievements, they saved well, did not waste…

In coming time, units of the emulative bloc continue grasping thoroughly to carry out Directive no.34 of the Politburo on renewing task of commending and rewarding, timely discover, cultivate typical, advanced examples…

Translated by Ngọc Dung

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