Handovering 3 Houses of Heart

On July 31st, Can Thơ city Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients coordinated with Milal Organization, Republic of Korea to open ceremony to hand over 3 “Houses of Heart” to poor families of children, who were assisted heart surgeries in Vĩnh Thạnh and Cờ Đỏ districts.

9_HousesOfHeart_01082016Ceremony to hand over “Houses of Heart” to poor families.

3 houses were offered to families of Nguyễn Minh Nhựt, who lives at Vĩnh Trinh commune, Vĩnh Thạnh district, Nguyễn Thị Thúy Liễu and Phạm Thị Bé Hiền, who live at Trung Hưng commune, Cờ Đỏ district.

The 3 children suffer congenital heart diseases and have disadvantage cases, mobilized by the city Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients from Milal Organization, assisted free-of-charge heart surgeries in Republic of Korea as well as USD 3,000, nearly VND 66 million in equivalent to build the Heart Houses.

On the occasion, the city Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients, Milal Organization of Republic of Korea, locality’s government and agencies offered gifts and necessities to the children and their families./.

Translated by Phương Đài

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