Cái Răng Floating Market Tourism Festive Day

In the morning on July 9th, Cái Răng district People’s Committee coordinates with Cần Thơ City Department of Culture Sports and Tourism to open ceremony of Cái Răng Floating Market’s Tourism Festive Day and receive certificate on recognizing Cai Rang floating market as national intangible cultural heritage.

1_CaiRangFloatingMarket_10072016Mr. Lê Hùng Dũng – Deputy Chief of the Steering Committee for Southwestern Region, representatives of Departments of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

1_CaiRangFloatingMarket_10072016aLeaders of Cần Thơ city, including Mr. Trần Quốc Trung – Member of the Party Central Executive Committee, Secretary of the city Party Committee, and representatives of under Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry join in
Cái Răng floating market tourism festive day takes place within 2 days (July 8-9), involve various popular, diversified and special activities such as images display the beauty of Cái Răng floating market, models, parade some boats, cruises, ships in river and creating arts portray contest from fruits, the 2nd composite racing competition.

Event to response the 56th anniversary of Việt Nam Tourism Founding (July 9th) through that can connect tours, advertise image of Cái Răng floating market to domestic and foreign visitors.

1_CaiRangFloatingMarket_10072016bAt the opening ceremony, authorizing of Culture Sports and Tourism Minister, representative of Department of heritage to give certificate of national tangible cultural heritage to Cái Răng Floating market./.

Translated by Ngọc Dung

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