Business models by war veterans reviewed

Cần Thơ city’s War Veterans’ association has just reviewed the effective business models done by war veterans in 5 districts of Ninh Kiều, Cái Răng, Bình Thuỷ, Ô Môn and Thốt Nốt.


They are the water melon planting co-operative group of Trường Long ward’s war veterans’ association, the clean vegetable cultivating co-operative model of An Hoà ward’s war veterans’ association in Bình Thuỷ, the model of sustainable poverty escape of Phú Thứ ward’s war veterans’ association in Cái Răng urban district.


The city’s war veterans’ association now has 7 co-ops, 64 co-operative groups and 143 business models. From 2011 to now, over 400 members have escaped from poverty, representing 1.6%./.

Translated by Xuân Trang

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