800 Employees for Vinatex Vĩnh Thạnh

In the morning on August 25th, Mr. Trần Quốc Trung came to visit Vinatex Cần Thơ tailoring plant, located in Vĩnh Thạnh district urban center.

2_VinaTex_25082016Mr. Trần Quốc Trung (left) surveyed Vinatex Cần Thơ tailoring plant.

Vinatex Cần Thơ tailoring plant began operating in April 2016 and exported 500 products to Europe-America market, reaching a turnover of USD 400,000.

Now, Vinatex Vĩnh Thạnh needs 700-800 employees for 29 chains of production ./.

Anh Thư – Văn Ngô

Translated by Ngọc Dung

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