Workshop on saving energy in Mekong Delta region

In the morning on June 14th Cần Thơ Department of industry and commerce and Cần Thơ Center of Energy Saving and A&E limited Company, Schneider Electric Việt Nam Company to open workshop on saving energy, effective measures for implementation.

Leaders of the industry – commerce departments of Mekong delta region, energy saving and industry promotion centers and enterprises in Cần Thơ city all suppose that saving energy is a necessary thing to reduce production cost, increase quality and efficiency so as to enhance competitiveness of Vietnamese products.

One of solutions proposed is improving operating condition of machines, setting transformers and equipment to measure power. Cần Thơ city energy saving center willingly supports enterprises in Mekong delta region to control energy as well as consult and design energy saving models. At present, the city department connects with many foreign and domestic partners to provide financial support for enterprises to change new technology and old producing equipment with the aim to save energy and cost and adapt to climate change.

Translated by Anh Vi

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