Vietnam among top ten countries for solo travellers

 Vietnam has listed among top ten countries for solo travelers, according to Travel + Leisure.

Traveling by yourself doesn’t have to be a lonesome experience, in fact, you may appreciate your surroundings more without your significant other/family/best friend complaining for that entire hike.

It’s also one of those bucket-list experiences you need to check off, like dining alone or seeing a movie alone… except, you know, more expensive and further from your house.


Travel + Leisure used data from the Happy Planet Index, which looks at environmental impact and human well-being in 151 countries, as well as the Global Peace Index, which ranks 162 nations based on their peacefulness – so you can find enjoy your solo-travel without being kidnapped.

Top ten countries:
1. New Zealand

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Costa Rica

5. Austria

6. Vietnam

7. Chile

8. Japan

8. Sweden

10. Indonesia


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