Vietnam: 3 destinations among top 27 amazing natural wonders

SmarterTravel, one of the largest online travel resources of the US, has revealed the world’s top 27 amazing natural wonders in Asia, including 3 destinations in Vietnam. 

Accordingly, Ha Long Bay triumphed the first place in the list.

Ha Long Bay

The online travel website suggests that visitors should take one of the overnight cruises offered within the bay and watch the sunset over its tranquil waters.

Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, located in central Vietnam took the 19th place.

Son Doong cave

According to SmarterTravel, the cave is more than 5.5 miles long and has its own jungle and river. Still, it wasn’t even discovered until 1991, or fully explored until 2009.

Can Gio Mangrove Forest is also named in the list.

Can Gio

“The Can Gio wetlands support not only thousands of mangroves, but also around 200 different species of wildlife and 150 species of flora”, says the website.

Rounding on the list of top 27 include Longdong of Taiwan, The Chocolate Hills, of the Philippines, Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia, Marble Rocks of India, Thi Lo Su Waterfall of Thailand, Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiaje of China, Al-Hasa Oasis of Saudi Arabia, Tubbataha Reef of the Philippines, Karst Mountains and Caves of China, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park of the Philippines, Mt. Kelimutu of Indonesia, Komodo National Park of Indonesia, Kuang Si Falls of Laos, The Valley of the Geysers of Russia, Okama of Japan, Tojinbo of Japan, Lonar Crater and Lake of India, Manjanggul Lava Tube of the Republic of Korea, Ta Prohm Temple Trees of Cambodia, Tiger Leaping Gorge of China, GunungMulu National Park of Malaysia, The Stone Forest of China, Taroko Gorge of Taiwan, and Lion’s Rock of Sri Lanka.


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