The Venue between good detoxifiers and trainees

In the morning on June 24th, at the Center for Treating and Educating Social Labors and Managing after Rehabilitation no.719, Xẻo Vong C hamlet, Hiệp Lợi commune, Ngã Bảy town, Hậu Giang province, Cần Thơ city Department of Social Evil Prevention opens meeting with 12 people, who well rehabilitated in community in the city area and learners of the center on the World Drug Day and National Drug Prevention Day – June 26th.

7_GoodDetoxifiers_24062016After listening to leaders of the city’s social evil control stating the meanings of the international day for drug control and detoxification outcomes in the city, representatives of detoxifiers and trainees of the center shared their experiences in the process of drug detoxification by replacing psychotropics by methadone.

7_GoodDetoxifiers_24062016bOn this occasion, the city’s social evil control presented gifts and organised games for good detoxifiers and trainees of the center.

Translated by Xuân Trang

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