The Military Zone 9 celebrated The 90th Traditional Anniversary and received The 2nd Fatherland Protection Decoration

The staff of the military zone 9 in the morning of July 5th organized the 70th traditional anniversary and received the 2nd fatherland protection decoration.


Lieutenant-general Nguyễn Hoàng Thủy – commander of the military zone 9, Colonel- former defense minister Phạm Văn Trà, commanders, Heroes of People’s Armed Forces, leaders of the Southwestern steering board, leaders of the party committees, people’s committees, military commands of provinces within the military zone 9 came for attendance.

70 years ago, on July 5th 1946, the 1st staff of the military zone 9 in Mekong delta region was founded and was the forerunner of the present military zone 9.

Over 70 years of growing and fighting, the military zone 9 has unceasingly strived, continuingly carried out every assigned task, contributing to fighting against enemies’ fighting strategies in 2 resistance wars against France and America, protecting the Southwestern border of the fatherland and carrying out the international duty in Cambodia.

The military zone 9 is also the place where many senior cadres of the party and the state like top-ranking general Lê Đức Anh, top-ranking general Phạm Văn Trà and many other commanders of Việt Nam People’s Army have self-trained and grown up.


With these achievements, the staff of the military zone 9 has been presented many decorations.

At the ceremony, empowered by state president, lieutenant- general Nguyễn Hoàng Thuỷ presented the 2nd fatherland protection decoration to the staff of the military zone 9.

This is the noble gift which contributes to encouraging the spirit of the staff to continue completing its assigned tasks./.

Translated by Xuân Trang

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