Thailand announces new cyber security law

The Thai government on May 17 announced a new cyberspace law, allowing agencies to access private computer systems, ostensibly to tackle hacking.

TTXVN_wannacryIllustrative image (Source: EPA/VNA)

The law was issued after the WannaCry cyber attack, which affected computer systems worldwide.

It proposed the founding of a national cyber security committee led by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The committee will supervise cyber defence and have the right to access the computer of any local companies and citizens with a court order.

It also allows the committee to act without a court order in national emergencies.

Pisit Pao-in, member of the drafting committee of the law said it will pave the way for authorities to access the data of private companies in urgent situations instead of having to wait for court approval.

The law is hoped to be an effective tool to prevent hacking, but is controversial as Thailand has passed other bills to restrict access to shared cyberspace./.



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