National Assembly deputies report the 8th session to voters

In the morning on December 8th, the 13th National Assembly delegation of Cần Thơ city, the unit 1, including Mr. Trần Thanh Mẫn, member of the Party’s central executive board, Secretary of Cần Thơ city’s party committee, member of the National Assembly’s economic commission, chief of the National Assembly delegation of Cần Thơ city; Major-general Nguyễn Minh Kha, member of the National Assembly’s defense and security commission, director of Cần Thơ city public security; Professor, Ph.D Nguyễn Thanh Phương, member of the National Assembly’s science-technology and environment commission, Vice-Rector of Cần Thơ University contacted nearly 200 voters in 7 wards of Cái Răng urban district to report results of the 8th session of the 13th National Assembly.


At the contact, on behalf of delegation the unit no.1 – Cần Thơ city Mr Nguyễn Thanh Phương, professor cum doctor, who is also member of committee of science technology and environment of the National Assembly informs voters the results of the 8th session the 13th tenure, of which focus on important problems about socio-economic development in 2014, orientation in 2015 and new points need to pay attention in 18 laws, 11 resolutions that are approved and some activities at the session.


After report, voters express their thoughts to deputies. They are happy and agree with the success of the session and some opinions to reflect on corruption, planning, transportation and opening casino at Phú Quốc island, some issues on health, education.


After the contact. Mr Trần Thanh Mẫn indicates some problems to some sectors, levels and Cái Răng district note in following time, especially he is serious to get opinions, proposals to timely reflect and resolve proposals in coming session.

Translated by Ngọc Dung

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